On-Site Training (NarcBox and NarcTrak Pro)

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On-Site Training includes:

    • 50 RFID Vial Tags per day of training
    • Account setup
    • On-site WIFI connection assistance
    • Onboarding of supervisors and medics
    • User-creation and BIO/RFID assistance
    • Master Medication List setup
    • Security Profile customization
    • Shift Change scheduling
    • Alert customization
    • RFID Vial Tracking and Pouch Management Training
    • Separate training sessions for administrators and employees, medics, and EMTs

    On-site training sessions are typically broken up into multiple sessions, reviewing in detail NarcTrak and NarcTrak Pro online and supervisor functions with department administrators, and then a detailed review of all the functions performed by the medics, employees, and EMTs on the NarcBox devices in the field.

    On-Site Training (NarcBox and NarcTrak Pro)
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    Narc Trak Downloads:
    NarcBox/NarcBox XL | HQ Control Panel
    Station Stok Downloads:
    User Manual

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    Narc Trak devices such as the NarcBox and the HQ Control Panel are built to order in Salt Lake City, Utah with an average lead time of 1 week.

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    Narc trak consumables

    Narc Trak Downloads:
    RFID Drug Pouch| Access Cards | Access Fobs
    Station Stok Downloads:
    User Manual